LGBT+ Representation in the Emmys

On July 14, 2016 the Television Academy announced this year’s Emmy nominations, which are surprisingly diverse. Looking at the nominations for television series there is a surprising amount of LGBT+ representation in the shows nominated.

In the outstanding comedy series, nominations for five out of seven of the shows have main or reoccurring characters that are LGBT+. For outstanding drama series, four out of seven shows have main or reoccurring characters that are LGBT+ (House of Cards is not confirmed, but hinted at, so it is included), and while not nominated for best show, actress Tatiana Maslany plays many characters in Orphan Black, including a lesbian woman. Lily Tomlin from Grace and Frankie was nominated as well (Grace and Frankie is about two women who find out there husbands are gay, and the show covers the change it has on their lives.).

LGBT+ representation is a fantastic thing that helps viewers and young people feel more comfortable in their own skin for being LGBT+. It shows that characters and individuals from all walks of life can be LGBT+, and often live just as happily as they would have otherwise.

The amount of representation now on TV is great due to increased visibility of not only those who identify as gay and lesbian, but those who are bisexual or transgender as well, thanks to shows like Sense8, Orange is the New Black, and Transparent. Hopefully in the future, those who are still being overshadowed in the media soon get the representation they need and deserve.




A/N: I do not watch all the shows nominated so if I have the wrong information feel free to correct me.


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