The Government responded to the #TransInquiry, the trans community wasn’t impressed.


On the 14th of January this year, the Women and Equalities Select Committee released its report from the Transgender Equality Inquiry. The report was a result of several weeks of oral evidence and discussions, and over 200 pieces of written evidence. On the 7th of July, just a single week from 6 months after, the Government released it’s formal response.

Transgender people across the country were not, and are not, impressed.

The Scottish Transgender Alliance said; “overall we think that the response is very disappointing.” Stonewall accepted some points but were unhappy with others. Non-binary rights group, Beyond The Binary stated that there was “Little progress for non-binary people.

In the political world there was quite a bit of criticism aimed at the Government;

Even the Chair of the Women and Equalities Select Committee, Tory MP Maria Miller, said that the Committee shared the disappointment that the trans community feels.

Everyday trans activists weren’t happy either;


It’s very clear that the Government’s response has let many people down, and will not be accepted by the trans community.


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