Ruby and Sapphire On Steven Universe -Perfect Couple or Psychologically Unstable?

If any of you guys happen to be massive fans of the Cartoon Network series Steven Universe, then you’ll recognize a particular gem I’m speaking about here. For those of you who aren’t, go do your research on Wiki Pages or continue to read on.

Just kidding, I’m not that brash. And for the newbies, spoiler alert!

Steven Universe is a fantasy cartoon about a boy named Steven, a hybrid human gem living with his three gem guardians, Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl, who guide him along the way in defeating evil and bringing good to the world, as well as helping him discover his true potential powers as a gem.

Gems biologically have no gender or sex since they are formed and matured using energy from the ground, but almost every one of them, with the exception of Steven, are assumed to be female due to their feminine form, and therefore utilize female pronouns.

In the show, Garnet is a fusion gem, which is a combination of two or more gems in order to create an even bigger gem that just so happens to be “stronger than you”. She is made up of Ruby and Sapphire, two gems with completely different personalities, with Ruby being passionate and bold, and Sapphire being quiet, yet knowledgeable, with the ability to look into the future.

Ruby and Sapphire are depicted as being in a romantic lesbian relationship when defused from being Garnet, as confirmed by Joe Johnston, one of the writers for the show.  In the few distinct episodes with both of them together, specifically “Jail Break”, “Keystone Motel”, and “Hit The Diamond”, they are shown to be passionately and hopelessly in love with each other, and have difficulty functioning without each other.

Ruby goes on a rampage and is desperate to find Sapphire when they are both restrained in cells far apart from each other on a ship in “Jail Break”, and Sapphire sings a woeful harmonizing melody as a way to keep her self sane while calling out for Ruby. In “Keystone Motel”, they lose their temper in different ways over Pearl’s deception and lie to Garnet, with Ruby incinerating the ground with every step she takes, and Sapphire freezing her surroundings and creating an icy environment. Though they do get into a heated argument over the situation, they affectionately make up in the end with Ruby telling Sapphire how beautiful she looks, along with feathering kisses. And in “Hit The Diamond”, when Ruby plays baseball with the other Rubies in disguise, and Sapphire plays with the opposing team along with the other gems, they seize every opportunity they can to romantically flirt and interact, distracting them from the game and creating tension between the teams.

Ruby and Sapphire could be taken as being very much in love and infinitely inseparable with the way they act when apart from each other. Together they represent a very affectionate and deep relationship one would dream and fantasize of having with another person.

But in a different light, could they also be taken as mental and unstable? With the way they express their anger and sadness when apart, as well as being obsessed with each other even when playing on opposite sides in a simple game, some would say that they haven’t spent much time caring for themselves and are more losing themselves in each other, which can be seen as unhealthy in a romantic relationship. The way they seem to negotiate and deal with personal problems like in “Keystone Motel” can add further to their questionable relationship.

Together they make one unforgettable Garnet, despite their differences and personalities. Opposites may attract, but can they also attract the worst? I’d like to know your opinions for those of you who watch the show regularly like I do. Leave a comment if you can!


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  1. I don’t watch the show, but I think that opposites attract is a bit of a tired cliché and in real life only brings misery. So, if these two characters are opposites attracting each other, kudos to the authors if they show a rather psychologically unstable relationship, because it’s realistic and less trite.

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    1. beauxrestes says:

      That is a very good point!

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