Welcome to OutTeen


Hello and welcome to OutTeen Magazine! A collection of fantastic young, LGBT+ writers and enthusiasts, OutTeen Magazine will be a blog with regularly PDF magazine editions designed to focus on the affairs of LGBT+ youth, encompassing topics ranging from LGBT news, to gaming, and more.

Our team over the next few days will begin to create the first articles and posts of this blog, and hopefully over the next month we’ll create our first real edition as well. Our goal here is simple: To provide a venue for LGBT+ youth/teenagers to both write about their lives and the various things that interested them (LGBT related or not), and to read it. As a result, the project is open to just about anyone (with a little editing involved), so feel free to join us today or invite someone else to join us.

I am immensely excited to see this new site in action, and I hope everyone on our team is as well. Welcome and enjoy the readings.


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